Concerns of international students

The Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) informs the public and the world of politics about the potential that international students bring for campuses and Germany in general, and about the hurdles that they are faced with in everyday life.

The SIK advocates for international students, so that they can...

  • study successfully
  • live in good standard, cheap accommodation
  • be provided with healthy and cheap food
  • receive good advice
  • discover Germany and find new friends
  • be active and able to participate themselves
  • clear their minds for their studies

The SIK is commited to:

  • the internationalisation of Germany as a place to study
  • the friendly reception and integration of international students in Germany
  • a dialogue to take place between international and German students
  • a tolerant, open and culturally diverse higher education landscape

Service Point for Intercultural Competence

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Other tasks of the SIK

SIK Events

Intercultural competence is decisive when you are dealing with students and the employees who work in higher education. Therefore the Service Point offers intercultural training courses and seminars for employees of the Studierendenwerke and higher education institutions.



SIK Publications

The Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) supports and presents the intercultural work of the Studierendenwerke with regular publications.

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