Not only the very best students but also the committed, the convinced and many others can receive a scholarship in Germany.

Scholarships are not only for the most talented students. In addition to their gifts, other qualities, such as voluntary work, can also convince a scholarship donor. Or very special groups are targeted, such as mothers studying for a degree or doctorate, lateral thinkers, non-academics.

Scholarship donors

Churches, political parties, trade unions and companies award scholarships among others. A certain nearness of the future scholarship student to the donor is regarded as positive.

Students may also be interested in study-related scholarships (e.g. the German Chemical and Chemical Industry Association) or local scholarship doners.

Ask your student services organisation (Studentenwerk/Studierendenwerk) or the municipality for scholarship doners who award scholarships depending on the place of birth, place of residence or place of study.

The Deutsches Studentenwerk itself does not award scholarships!