Articles of association and tasks

Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs - DSW) is a voluntary association of Germany’s 57 Studentenwerke (student services organisations). These organisations fulfil public tasks in the provision of economic, social, health and cultural support to students enrolled at all German higher education institutions.


Studentenwerke play a key role in ensuring equal opportunities. By co-operating with higher education institutions and university towns and cities, they help improve study conditions and make a substantial contribution to shaping the living environment at universities.

Successful studies, regardless of social background, are only possible if there is inexpensive food, adequate and affordable living space, advisory and counselling services, child-care, as well as cultural and financial support available.

Studentenwerke operate autonomously and independently from each other.

Deutsches Studentenwerk (as the German non-profit  association of all 57 Studentenwerke) advises and supports its members in particular by:

  • representing the social interests of students and the Studentenwerke vis-à-vis politics, the public, and leading university and science associations,
  • maintaining close co-operation with institutions and organisations with common goals,
  • bringing its expertise to federal and state legislation,
  • organising further education courses and advising Studentenwerke on topics that are relevant to their day-to-day work.

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