Student Council

Students are the most important target group and funders of the Studentenwerke. Consequently, they have been given an institutionalised voice within Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) with the establishment of the Student Council ("Studierendenrat") in 2003 and are becoming increasingly integrated into the Studentenwerk's work.


The DSW Student Council helps shape the social and economic study conditions from a stronger student perspective. Its main work is co-operating in the development of political resolutions in which the students' perspective is taken into account.

Students involved in the organs of the Studentenwerke form a network via the DSW Student Council. They usually meet twice a year. Each Studentenwerk sends a student representative who works in one of the Studentenwerke’s organs.

The Student Council advises the organs of the DSW on all basic matters and has a right of petition at the general meeting. In most cases it also selects student representatives for the Executive Board.

Spokepersons (elected in April 2024)

  • Melina Hoffmann, Kaiserslautern
  • Paul Staab, Thüringen
  • Laura Noethe, Berlin
  • Lukas Peschke, Schleswig-Holstein
  • Hannah Schulze Zurmussen, Köln