Counselling services

Counselling services in the university context

Psychological and social counselling services offered by the student service organisations in Germany – the Studierendenwerke (or STWs) – support students in overcoming challenges in their life and study situation and thus contribute to equal opportunities in their studies.

The counselling services of the Studierendenwerke are central components of a healthy campus life. They provide low-threshold support, help with orientation and decision-making in personal and social matters, and promote students' independence, their ability to cope with problems and to continue their studies even in crisis situations.

Studying is a biographical transitional situation. It is a life phase of learning and development and of coping with social and institutional performance and selection requirements, as well as a time of financial uncertainty. As a result, the period of study is particularly prone to disruption - students' need for counselling and information is especially high.


Psychological counselling of the student services

The psychological counselling of the STWs is tailored to the student's living environment. The aim of the counselling is to initiate positive personal developments and to prevent the development of permanent and serious problems.

Social counselling of the student unions

The Studierendenwerke provide information and advice on questions and problems concerning the social and economic situation during studies. All with consideration of the individual situation of the students.

Counselling of students with disabilities / chronic illnesses

Comprehensive advising that is tailored to the individual needs of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses is a key factor in ensuring that students can begin and complete a degree program with equal opportunity.


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