Co-operation with the USA

Student affairs in the USA are a benchmark for top offers not only concerning advisory services, guidance and personal development, but also cultural activities at higher education institutions.

The US are perceived as the number one country for higher education. But even their service offer as well as counselling and advisory services, which also focus on developing students' personalities, have a broad scope and are quite excellent.

Deutsches Studentenwerk therefore discusses various approaches and a joint commitment for students with partners in the USA, where universities’ Student Affairs and Student Services departments are responsible for shaping the social, economic and cultural framework conditions for studying.

A co-operation agreement with the North American umbrella organisation in the field of student affairs, namely the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), offers Germany’s Studentenwerke annual study trips, participation at international symposia and practical learning in exchange programmes. The agreement provides knowledge about structure, tasks and the immense range of services available to students in the USA.

In return, the DSW provides its colleagues in the USA with insights into the work of the Studentenwerke during visits of delegations from the USA to Germany.