Student halls of residence

For students, a place in a hall of residence is an affordable and popular housing option. Therefore, the demand remains high. Nationwide, the Studierendenwerke offer around 195,000 places.

Student accommodation is still the cheapest form of housing outside the parental home and a popular alternative to rented flats. The average gross rent at the Studierendenwerke is 279.92 euros per month.

In addition, most locations offer accommodation for the disabled, and specially furnished flats are also available for students with children.

In addition to the low rent, students particularly appreciate the proximity to campus and university and the many social contact opportunities. The good facilities are also an argument.

First-Year students

Use is clearly age-dependent. Halls of residence are especially important for first-year students. In many places, there are long waiting lists at the beginning of the winter semester.

Almost two-thirds of German first-year students rate finding accommodation at the beginning of their studies as difficult or very difficult (HISBUS online survey). A quarter of them had to choose their first accommodation because they couldn't find anything else, didn't have time to search further or considered it a temporary emergency solution from the outset.

International students

Foreign students are also particularly dependent on affordable accommodation. The low costs as well as the opportunity to communicate and integrate are particularly crucial for them: over 40 percent of foreign students live in a hall of residence.

They depend on the cheap accommodation that is available at short notice: Monthly budgets are on average a good 10 per cent lower than for German students and many only come to Germany for one or two semesters to study.

Service packages

Many Studierendenwerke offer special accommodation for this group in guest houses and the so-called service package: among other things, it guarantees students a place in a student hall of residence for their guest stay. In addition, the Studierendenwerke try to support integration through tutoring programmes.

Students with disabilities

Studierendenwerke offer barrier-free living space in student halls of residence. These are usually flats that are designed in such a way that many activities can be carried out without assistance.

Many Studierendenwerke also create suitable accommodation for students with walking disabilities or wheelchair users at short notice, within the limits of the available funds.

Students with children

Some halls of residence also have family flats. These are usually two- or three-room flats, some with special equipment such as cots. The range of accommodation varies from one Studierendenwerke to the next.

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