Mentoring and meeting people

Studierendenwerke create spaces where people can meet each other. They are keen to bring German and international students together so that they can enrich both each other and the campus.


Forget the stress of exams on a trip to the mountains, take your mind off things on a weekend trip to the capital, get an internship during a company tour: Every semester, the Studierendenwerke put together a leisure and cultural programme so that international students can get to know the country, culture and people – and enjoy their lives alongside their studies. 

Info points and info cafés

Settle in well, meet up, network – that's what the Studierendenwerke info points are all about. They support international students by providing information, opportunities to meet people and advice to help them start their studies successfully.
This is the right place to get started, get information and get together with others. There you can settle in more easily, clarify the most important formalities and plan the next steps in a relaxed café atmosphere.

Contact and mentoring programmes

Making contact with locals during higher education studies is not easy for many international students in Germany.
Contact and mentoring programmes bring students together with their fellow German students and the German population in a targeted way, so that they feel at home not only on campus but also in the city.

Service Point for Intercultural Competence

Tel.: 030 29 77 27 -71/ -75

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More services for international students

Information and orientation

Who? How? What? Where? How come? For what reason? Why? – Studierendenwerke help students to find their way around everyday life in a higher education setting. To this end, they offer information and, in some cases, advice in several foreign languages.

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Cooperation and qualification

With each other instead of against each other. Studierendenwerke continuously work to achieve good study conditions for international students. They work together with local partners.

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Advice and help

If you don’t know what to do in a crisis: Studierendenwerke support in emergency situations. Studierendenwerk advisers are attuned to the special needs of international students.

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Services around studying

For higher education studies, you attend a higher education institution such as a college or university. The Studierendenwerke are the right place to go if students need information on housing, food, finances and everything else. In principle, the services offered by the Studierendenwerke are available to all students. Some services are specially tailored to international students.

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More information

SIK Publications

The Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) supports and presents the intercultural work of the Studierendenwerke with regular publications.

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