Our publications provide comprehensive information about the Studentenwerke as well as the national association, the Deutsches Studentenwerk.

Most publications can be downloaded for free as PDF documents or, if available, ordered directly from us. No order form is shown for publications that are not or no longer available. Please note the instructions for placing orders.


Here you will find the publications of the Deutsches Studentenwerk. They are listed clearly according to category, publication type and year, or by using a full-text search.
List of our publications


Here you will find all editions of the DSW Journal that can be downloaded or ordered. You can use a full-text search to look for particular topics or people in previous editions.
List of DSW-Journals


Here you will find poster designs you can order from this year’s Deutsches Studentenwerk poster competition. Each year, four designs are printed in large quantities. They are available for free.


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