Psychological counselling services and centres

The psychological counsellors of the student services have well-founded, specialised scientific, counselling and therapeutic competencies and specialised expertise in matters typical of students' lifeworlds and life phases.

The main focus of the counselling work is short- to medium-term individual counselling. Depending on the content orientation of a counselling centre and the local structures, the Studierendenwerke also offer couples counselling as well as topic-centred group offerings, online counselling, information events and lectures, and other target group-oriented offerings.

Coaching and workshop offers are based in particular on preventive, psycho-educational approaches and focus on topics related to study techniques, key competencies and psychological hygiene, for example:

- Stress management - Time and self-management - Learning and concentration techniques - Soft skills/social skills - Presentation and lecture techniques/social competence Presentation and lecture techniques/rhetoric - Project and study management - Transition from university to work (career planning, etc.).)

Psychological counselling is always confidential, the counsellors are bound to secrecy.

The services are usually free of charge for students. In exceptional cases, a small fee may be charged.