Counselling and advisory services of the Studierendenwerke

In accordance with their social responsibilities and mission, most of the student service organisations in Germany – the Studierendenwerke (or STWs) – supplement the counselling and advisory services provided by higher education institutions with a diverse offer that includes:

  • psychological counselling
  • advice on general welfare issues
  • advice on how to finance studies
  • advice for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses
  • advice for students with children
  • advice for international students
  • legal advice

Counselling and advisory service models may differ depending on the local framework conditions and structures at individual Studierendenwerke and university locations. There are offers that cover all subject matters and target groups and those that offer specialist services.

Institutional effects of counselling and advisory services for students

Counselling and advisory services at higher education institutions make a key contribution to improving students’ personal situation and help them develop their full potential during their studies. In doing so, they improve overall study conditions, they foster equal opportunities in higher education programmes and they help achieve important socio-political and educational policy goals.

In addition, they reduce (follow-up) costs for universities and society alike, including by:

  • promoting targeted use of study offers
  • reducing illness and lost work time
  • limiting study duration
  • promoting student retention, completion of degrees and avoiding drop-out or extended study durations