Information and orientation

Who? How? What? Where? How come? For what reason? Why? - Student services help students find their way around the university. To this end, they offer information and, in some cases, advice in several foreign languages.

Tutor programme for international students

If the students have any questions about life in the residence hall or difficulties of any kind with their flatmates, they can turn to their tutor from the Studierendenwerk based in their residence hall for advice and support.

Many of these tutors can still remember what it was like to arrive in a new city and not know their way around. Many of them initially had to struggle through countless forms in the still foreign German language and only gradually built up a new circle of friends. Every day, they now pass on their experience to newly arrived students.


Welcome events for international students

Many Studierendenwerke welcome first-year students from abroad at special welcome events. As newcomers to the city and the university, students receive a comprehensive overview of studying and life at their new place of study during this time and know right from the start who they can turn to with which issues.


Multilingual websites

As first-year students in particular often do not yet have a comprehensive knowledge of German, the websites of many Studierendenwerke are available in several languages.

Content in English is now almost standard. Some Studierendenwerke have translated their websites into Chinese and French. The website of the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg is available in no less than 10 languages. New arrivals can find out about studying, the housing situation and formalities, the country and its people and leisure activities.

In addition, many Studierendenwerke offer information specifically for students from abroad in dedicated sections on the website. In Chemnitz, the website – a joint portal of the Studierendenwerk, higher education institutions and the city – informs international students about studying and living in Chemnitz.

Service Point for Intercultural Competence

Tel.: 030 29 77 27 -71/ -75

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Further services for international students

Advice and help

If you don’t know what to do in a crisis: Studierendenwerke support in emergency situations. Studierendenwerk advisers are attuned to the special needs of international students.

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Cooperation and qualification

With each other instead of against each other. Studierendenwerke continuously work to achieve good study conditions for international students. They work together with local partners.

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Mentoring and meeting people

Studierendenwerke create spaces where people can meet each other. They are keen to bring German and international students together so that they can enrich both each other and the campus.

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Services around the study

For higher education studies, you attend a higher education institution such as a college or university. The Studierendenwerke are the right place to go if students need information on housing, food, finances and everything else. In principle, the services offered by the Studierendenwerke are available to all students. Some services are specially tailored to international students.

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