Advisory Bodies

The Deutsches Studierendenwerk (DSW) is the association of Studierendenwerke (STW) in Germany.

Its organs are advised by the following bodies:

  • the student council
  • the technical committees
  • the Board of Trustees

Student Council

As the most important target group of the Studierendenwerke, the students have been given an institutionalized voice since 2003 in the form of the Student Council in the Deutsches Studierendenwerk and are even more closely involved in the association's work.

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Expert committees

The expertise of the individual specialist committees in the Deutsches Studierendenwerk indispensable for the work of the Studierendenwerke. The committees develop and evaluate important topics of student union work for the respective subject area and advise the bodies with their expertise.

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees supports and promotes the Deutsches Studierendenwerk in fulfilling its tasks and promotes its goals in public.

The members of the Board of Trustees are:

The German Rectors' Conference, the Student Associations, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Association of German Cities, the trade unions and the Confederation of German Employers' Associations, as well as the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag and other public figures.

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