Organisational structures of the Studierendenwerke

Studierendenwerke differ in their structure and organisational form. Each federal state has its own regulations for them (usually the "Studentenwerksgesetz"). In addition, each Studierendenwerk has its own statutes that in part also regulate the responsibilities and constitution of the individual organs of the organisation.

But for all their differences, some organisational aspects are common to all Studierendenwerke: usually they all have a Board of Representatives and a Management Board. The executive body is the Managing Director who is elected by the other organisational organs and whose appointment requires approval by the relevant state ministry for education.

The organisational organs of the Studierendenwerke consist of representatives from the student body, higher education institutions and Studierendenwerke, as well as representatives from public life. The members of the Management Board conduct their work in an honorary capacity.