Network psychological counselling

Networking and cooperation with other institutions and service facilities in the higher education sector make it possible to provide students with a tailored range of counselling services.

The network between student services, universities and other institutions in the cities and municipalities enables efficient referral to other counselling centres.

Networking and cooperation with other service institutions in the higher education sector.

These include:

  • Central Student Advisory Service
  • Social counselling
  • Student financial counselling
  • Consoling for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses
  • International offices
  • Family Service Offices
  • Career services
  • Student initiatives
  • Service and information points

Psychological counselling in the counselling network of cities and municipalities

Psychological counselling centres of the student unions cooperate to ensure good referral practices with:

  • regional crisis services
  • addiction counselling facilities
  • psychotherapists in private practice
  • outpatient and inpatient psychiatric care