Service Point for Intercultural Competence

Establishing a culture of welcome for international students: this is the task of the Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) with its comprehensive programme of information, advice and further training. Funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) makes this possible.

The aim is to enable international students to successfully complete their courses of study and also stay connected to their host country as graduates, thereby making Germany an even more attractive place to study.

Integration on the campus – the Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) wants to make a contribution here:

  • The SIK raises awareness for the interests of international students in the political sphere.
  • The SIK offers further training: We train those employees and tutors of the Studierendenwerke who advise and support international students on intercultural topics.
  • The SIK supports the Studierendenwerke in the further development and quality development of the counselling and advisory service for international students.
  • The SIK offers a forum: During our specialist seminars we explore current topics on the situation of international students in Germany with the Studierendenwerke and the academic relations offices.
  • The SIK communicates: We publish flyers on intercultural topics and report on initiatives and projects designed to integrate international students. We are available to answer your queries.

Concerns of international students

The Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) informs the public and the world of politics about the potential that international students bring for campuses and Germany in general, and about the hurdles that they are faced with in everyday life.


SIK Events

Intercultural competence is crucial in contact with students and university staff. For this reason, the Service Point offers intercultural training and seminars for employees of the student services. In addition, the Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) organizes conferences on current topics of intercultural work. Here, student unions and universities can draw inspiration from (inter)national comparisons.


SIK Publications

The Service Point for Intercultural Competence (SIK) supports and presents the intercultural work of the Studierendenwerke with regular publications.

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Service Point for Intercultural Competence

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Other intercultural topics

Service for international students

The 57 Studentenwerke and Studierendenwerke in Germany ensure that students are offered more than just a research and teaching programme at their university, and that they feel comfortable and welcome here. They shape the framework conditions of higher education studies and take into account the diversity of the students.