International co-operations

Student services are active across the globe. A solid network of Studentenwerke knowledge is available via Deutsches Studentenwerk, particularly at the international level.

Exchanging information and experience with international partners in student affairs and services is one of the key concerns of Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW), as it is interesting for Germany’s Studentenwerke to know how similar organisations abroad support, advise and look after students, and how students abroad find affordable accommodation, study successfully and live best. The same is true in reverse, as student services organisations abroad are often interested in the services for students provided by the Studentenwerke in Germany.

DSW is internationally active and co-operates with partner organisations in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific Region in order to share knowledge among colleagues, strengthen joint positions and open up international exchange opportunities.

Numerous conferences, study and delegation trips, exchange programmes and co-operation agreements ensure a regular exchange of information, innovation and experience.