Studierendenwerk's cultural offer

Most people think of canteens and halls of residence when they think of Studierendenwerke, but the promotion of cultural activities is in fact laid down in their statutes. Studierendenwerke offer a diverse range of cultural services for students.

Students’ cultural interests are enormously diverse. They organise – and participate in – exhibitions, workshops, readings, concerts, films, theatre and festivals. For their part, Studentenwerke provide stages, libraries, film and sound studios, editorial offices, rehearsal rooms, workshops, materials and much more besides.

Many Studentenwerke also carry out intercultural work in order to promote interest in, and understanding of, life and society in other cultures. Students from different countries and cultures get to meet each other during cultural and creative activities at international festivals and meetings with social, political, historical or cultural themes.

Although state grants for Studentenwerke have been falling for many years, the organisations often support students’ cultural activities with great commitment and a wealth of ideas.

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